July 16, 2014

Should you believe in superstitions about weddings?

I know of some wedding superstitions but I never really cared about them until I started preparing for my wedding. Mind you, I’m fascinated with superstitions. In fact, about 10 percent of my blog posts deal with superstitions and folklore, mostly found in literature. I never really thought the day would come when I would become one of those “victims” of “do-this-do-that-because-old-folks-say-so.” 

July 15, 2014

A bit of lit in biz

My writing and editing business, The Memoriter Writing Service, is going to be six months old soon. Some days, my mind would drift, hardly believing that I’m fully registered with the Department of Trade and Industry, Bureau of Internal Revenue, and Mandaue City Government and now maintaining three regular clients. Other days, my mind would burn, focusing on one challenging writing project after the other. Having a business is a humbling experience—a humbling kind of experience that is different from that humbling kind of experience as a teacher or a non-profit worker or as a blogger or as a news reporter. 

June 25, 2014

#cebuLitFest: A festival of stories, music and everything uniquely Cebuano

Some years ago, a couple of large commercial bookstores in the country announced a series of book events happening week after week in Manila. A subscriber of their weekly email newsletter, I found myself rolling my eyes at the time (week after week). At one point, I asked on Twitter if they will be holding some events in Cebu. There are after all many unsung readers in the island. The tweets, as far as I can remember, went unanswered.

June 8, 2014

These folks gunned down a room with glue (among other things)

An air of looking-forward-to lingered the corners of the room when I entered. This sense of anticipation swept over me as I placed my things on a chair to join the emcees. A couple of familiar faces and the rest new ones surrounded me; all of them trying to look calm, all trying to control their hands from fidgeting and their eyes from getting distracted by the bright craft supplies station at one corner of the room. These folks all wanted to gun down the room with glue right away in the first ever Etsy Craft Party in Cebu yesterday at the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center. 

June 4, 2014

Stories: A Story of Gratitude

Surrounded by stories. That’s what I am. I wake up to blinking cursors on words of client stories waiting to be edited. I take breaks reading about the voyages of Doctor Dolittle (or whoever it is I fancy at the time). I listen to my mother perpetually telling true-to-life stories that, if documented, can without a doubt rival those New York bestsellers. Then I hear my sister tickled and flushed over her Korean soap operas. I talk to my fiancĂ© and giggle like a teenage schoolgirl over his stories or jokes of the day. Then right before I roll back to sleep, I cry myself silly over Coca Cola advertisements on Youtube or videos on dogs, babies and old people. 

April 20, 2014

EdTech: What is the most practical free news aggregator app for teachers?

When it comes to teachers in the Philippines, you almost always talk about practicalities—how much the cost is, how much energy a certain item will take to use, what other easy-to-use resources can be taken in as alternatives, and the like. You cannot blame them. As much as they love their jobs, they are also short on time and money, especially married teachers. 

April 19, 2014

Reflection: The right (spiritual) attitude when starting a business

It is no secret that I started my writing business last February. It’s called The Memoriter Writing Service. I offer to write content for small businesses and nonprofits based in Cebu. Along my new journey, I met a kind man, Mr. Juanito “June” Luna, who published and gave me copies of his two spirituality books—Triunephant: The Story of Success and Transformation and XPRNZ: A Journey towards Soul Consciousness

April 18, 2014

Opinion: What makes a citizen journalist?

For two separate occasions, I was invited to speak about citizen journalism from a blogger’s point of view. On both occasions, I was challenged to present my ideas without digging my grave. I was a journalist for a short time and I was exposed to the principles that a journalist needs to adhere to, such as truth, objectivity, fairness, and justice. Afterwards, I started blogging.