December 8, 2013

The "missed" closing remarks in the Best Cebu Blogs Awarding Ceremony

(Note: This was supposedly the short closing remarks I meant to give during the Best Cebu Blogs Awarding Ceremony on Dec. 7, 2013, but which I failed to provide because my four-day on-and-off fever went up again and I was suddenly having chills and feeling faint while I was driving myself from work a couple of hours or so before the event. My apologies to the organizers.)

Being a resident” judge of Best Cebu Blogs (BCB) for three years in a row is a humbling experience. I get to explore blogs by Cebuano and Cebu-based bloggers whose passion for their niches shows through and through. Having an awards system, such as the BCB that is painstakingly organized by its dynamic founder Mark Monta and his equally dynamic team since 2008, we are able to show off to the world Cebu’s cream of the crop in the area of blogging. Congratulations to each of the winners, finalists, and nominees of BCB. You truly deserve the honors! My only wish is you will continue to do what you do—blog in your niche responsibly and with passion! Again, congratulations!

* * *

Best Cebu Blogs Awards By Niche Winners:

Best Cebu Events/Entertainment Blogger: Mr. Philip Andrew Mayol of (Score: 94.5)
Best Cebu Personal Blogger: Dr. Narciso Tapia of (Score: 92.75)
Best Cebu Photo Blogger: Mr. Leylan Romarate of (Score: 89.5)
Best Cebu Travel Blogger: Mr. Edwin Castillon (Score: 95.75)
Best Cebu Technology Blogger: Mr. Jose Farrugia (Score: 94.75)
Best Cebu Food Blogger: Mr. Marco Diala of (Score: 92.75)
Best Cebu Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger: Ms. Alexa Martin of (Score: 93)

This year's Top 10 Famous Cebu Bloggers:

For the top 10, from, Mr. Orville Tadle
For the top 9, from, Ms. Alexa Martin
For the top 8, from, Mr. Ken Michael Jon Taarup
For the top 7, from, Ms. Gay Aida Dumaguing
For the top 6, from, Mr. Edwin Castillon
For the Top 5, from, Mr. James Arnold Nogra
For the Top 4, from, Mr. Evanjohnn Mendoza
For the Top 3, from, Mr. Leylan Romarate
For the Top 2, from, Mr. Rodrick P. Guarin
For the Top 1, from , Mr. Enje Godinez